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January 2021 – How to Find Cryptocurrency Predictions?

Fibonacci retracement combined with pivot point trade can be a powerful combination

Fibonacci correction, extension and projections are one of the most popular technical analysis tools in any retailer’s arsenal. In fact, Fibonacci Retracements are widely used by everyday traders and traders who swing in their trading settings. They are considered leading indicators unlike most other technical analysis indicators that are considered backward in nature. Most of […]

How does news affect the Forex market?

Large currency movements are usually triggered by big stories in the financial markets and the direction of interest rates. For example, in the U.S., Fed Chairman Janet Yellen will leave her post in 2018, and a new Fed, Jerome Powell, has been appointed by the president. Changes in economic policies and ideologies between the current […]

Forex robots and physical reality

Just the other day I had a request from an individual who wanted me to place a link or ad for a trading robot on my website. I was not interested and I will tell you why. Forex Market: Robots against humans Who is forcing the market to move in a certain direction? People or […]

Five golden laws

We live in an impatient age and when it comes to money we want it more now, today, not tomorrow. Whether it’s a mortgage deposit or clearing those credit cards that consume our energy long after we stop enjoying what we bought them, the sooner the better. When it comes to investing, we want easy […]

Binary Options Trading – What Is It About?

Binary trading is becoming popular day by day. Most people invest in it just because it brings in extraordinary profits. These people don’t know that higher profits mean higher risk, so if you plan to invest in binary options, then you need to consider the risk associated with this type of investment. According to market […]