That WD Gann had a secret

… we don’t know that. From all the published information I was given access to, it seems to me that Gann probably took his final secret to the grave. And what could that be? Maybe a method by which you know with almost 100% certainty the price of the next bigger top or bottom and which day will happen.

So why then do I often speak highly of WD Gann, praising his methods? Because what I learned from the information available to us today, secrets or no secrets at all, opened the door to several of my fantastic and amazing discoveries.

Credit must be given where it is due. Had legends like WD Gann not printed what they were doing, whether their motive was purely for-profit or partly altruistic, it would have been so much harder to come up with many current discoveries or understandings of market behavior.

When we read about the exploits of WD Gann, we are reminded of his remarkable grain call in the early 20th century before the writer of The Ticker and Investment Digest. We remind you that it made sense to turn a small amount of money into a much larger one in a short period of time.

“One of the most incredible calculations Mr. Gann made was last summer [1909] when he predicted that September wheat would sell for $ 1.20. That meant he had to touch that figure before the end of September. At twelve o’clock, Chicago time, on September 30 (the last day) the option was selling below $ 1.08 and it seemed as if his prediction would not be fulfilled.

Mr Gann said, ‘If it doesn’t touch $ 1.20 by the time the market closes, it will prove that something is wrong with my whole calculation method. I don’t care what the price is now, she has to go there. ‘It is a common history that September wheat surprised the whole country by selling a price of $ 1.20 and nothing more in the last hour of trading, closing that figure. “

“During October-October 1909, in twenty-five market days, Mr. Gann, in the presence of our representative, carried out two hundred and eighty-six transactions with various stocks, both on the long and short side of the market. Two hundred and sixty-four of these transactions resulted in a profit and twenty-two losses. “

The fact that WD Gann is a legend is not disputed. Its popularity is growing from year to year. And with such an exposition, intertwining both myth and fact, there are debates about whether he enriched himself by trading or selling books and courses. In fact, discussions about whether he died wealthy to begin with continue unhindered.

I am convinced that WD Gann has in fact kept many secrets of market and bottom market predictions and has not revealed his most powerful potentials. I am also convinced that he has shared enough information, albeit widespread in metaphors, that anyone serious enough for the venture can gather enough to improve their market skills several times over.

My belief was logical at first. You see, whether WD Gann made a fortune by trading or selling books and courses does not take away anything from his genius. The fact is that WD Gann was selling courses and seminars at the time that cost the price of the family home. This could only be done by a man with a recognized genius. Who today, praised in the trading industry, can put together a seminar or course at the cost of a home? Nobody.

And while this logic helped me to convince myself of the legitimacy of WD Gann, it also helped me to consider his printed works at least seriously enough to really get something out of it. And boy, that was the right move!

In the last 6 years, I have searched most of what I could get my hands on about WD Gann and his teachings. I read his cheap books as well as an extensive (and more expensive) trading course. I searched the internet from top to bottom looking for bits and pieces that I could find. Bottom line: this man was actually a genius.

I’m pretty sure what I collected in my research is just a fraction of what a man could offer. Maybe someone out there has the last whisper of a dying genius locked up. Who really knows? But what I collected, in its apparently limited quantities, was enough to open so many incredible doors for me in the field of market analysis and prediction that I will always be indebted to Mr. Gann and others like him.

Gann’s Wheel, also known as Square of Nine, is an amazing tool. It has been sold and resold for years. Many ignore it as nothing but a useless product that puts money in the pockets of those who sell it. Oh, what nonsense he has! Although I have long gone beyond the use of this prediction tool, it opens your mind to the incredible mysteries of the universe. It’s as if everything around us can be explained by math, because every thing seems to be related to something else.

Oh, I can poetize on this for a long time. But I’m sure you’d rather I stay in place. With Square Nine, with a good amount of practice, you can come up with many predictions with incredible precision. You may not know the exact price of wheat or live cattle for any given day. But then, maybe you can. I find the tool a nice compliment to working with prices to come up with a set price of resistance or support for a particular day, instead of fitting on a soap box and confidently declaring that corn will go to 205 and not tick anymore. It would be great to know such information, but it is not necessary to make money in trading.

There are several tools in my market forecasting arsenal that are used to predict time and price. I have a different level of self-confidence in everyone. Over the years, I have learned to use all the tools at the right time based on circumstances to create many amazing market forecasts. Of course, my goal is to achieve 100% accuracy with 100% consistency. Without such a goal, I would simply sit on my hands and the discovery would stop for me personally. While achieving such a goal would be considered impossible by almost everyone, and perhaps it is, you should never be convinced of it if you want to excel outside the masses.

WD Gann had his secrets and probably died carrying some pretty good ones with him to the grave. And we know he wasn’t 100% accurate with 100% consistency, because we read that he won x number of turns from y turns. Stunning achievement, not even 100% perfect. But I have no doubt that WD Gann ever thought he would not be able to achieve that lofty goal. To achieve real success, you need to believe that you can achieve the impossible. In reality, nothing is impossible to achieve. Only two things stand in your way to achieve the ultimate goal; you and time.

If you believe, you can achieve. Only TIME shortens the course. We just run out of time and die, and that’s what happened to WD Gann. If WD Gann were alive today, he would be much closer to achieving the impossible. Any of us who believe that the goal is achievable and reject negative thoughts of failure, if he makes an effort to support the thought, will achieve a lot, but will be cut to TIME in time. But it is not a reason to give up.

Whenever we pick up great works by a legend like WD Gann, we help prolong his time. We take what we collect from Gann and the like and move it forward towards the ultimate goal. As we seriously and sincerely study and research, we open new doors of discovery to future generations if those new discoveries, in whole or in part, are shared. This sharing can be shared in part among many books and perhaps seminars. Whether the motive for sharing is profit or some altruistic reason, each piece of the puzzle will contribute to the overall puzzle that could one day be yours.

Maybe WD Gann didn’t die with his secret after all, because maybe that’s what he encouraged all along … to never stop learning and believing.