Is there a shortage of silver in our future?

According to the American Geological Society, which recently reported that silver will be the first metal in the periodic table of elements to become extinct, yes, we are facing a serious shortage of silver. Increased industrial demand, along with investors seeking money to save during the global financial crisis, has created the perfect storm for […]

Market and market forecasting

A few decades ago, it was widely believed that the most efficient way to analyze a market for trade was to determine the basics, such as the number of warehouses in the warehouse, current demand data, expected harvest yields, and so on. Many assumed that the Technical Analysis was not useful. The reasons given were […]

6 Digital Marketing Tips for Marketers in 2020

If you’re looking for some digital marketing tips, you’re on the right page. In this article, we will discuss the 6 most effective tips and tricks for network marketing. With these tips, you will most likely enjoy great results. 1. Optimize your voice search page Predictably, half of the search will be based on the […]

AI Forex Robot Review – Forex Trade Robot

AI Forex Robot is an automated trading software that helps its users to automatically execute trades in many currency pairs. He is also known as an expert advisor (EA) and can start making money with a small capital of just $ 50. 1. Regularly update your AI Forex robot This automated robot has a self-updating […]