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Is there a shortage of silver in our future? – How to Find Cryptocurrency Predictions?

Is there a shortage of silver in our future?

According to the American Geological Society, which recently reported that silver will be the first metal in the periodic table of elements to become extinct, yes, we are facing a serious shortage of silver. Increased industrial demand, along with investors seeking money to save during the global financial crisis, has created the perfect storm for silver shortages that will cause never-before-seen spot prices and an incredible jump in silver prices for investment as well as for use in electronics, antibacterial applications and jewelry.

Note that silver is rarer than gold in overhead bars, and that most silver ever mined is consumed and cannot be accessed. Most of the mined gold is still used as a bar or jewelry. Very little has been lost to the point that it cannot be rebuilt.

The value of gold is that it is valued. For thousands of years, people have considered this metal to be precious and valuable, and therefore worth a good amount of money in any currency. Silver, in addition to being a precious metal that has a longer history even than gold, has a number of industrial applications for which there is no other metal that will work. For example, silver is the best heat conductor and electrical connector.

Think about what all this means. Silver is rare and has many uses on which our technological society depends all our lives as we know it and for which there are no substitutes. China is especially expected to sharply increase its demand for silver in the coming years.

Silver is also a precious metal that has historically been valued as a place to store wealth, and the world is experiencing an ongoing economic recession or a possible depression that has led many to buy silver coins and levers.

These factors have created a perfect storm such that, as many silver analysts predict, the price of this precious metal is likely to rise dramatically in the near future, probably surpassing gold at some point during its operation.

Furthermore, there is some evidence, much speculation and pending litigation that the big banks are said to have manipulated fixed silver prices to artificially suppress the real spot price of silver, and thus the commercial value of silver coins and levers.

The best way to invest in silver is to buy the actual physical silver you have in your possession. But as more and more investors follow this trend, and the demand for silver in the electricity and technology sectors is growing, it is almost certain that there will be a shortage of silver in our future.