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February 2021 – Page 3 – How to Find Cryptocurrency Predictions?

5 Technical indicators used by experts

If you have just learned technical analysis, you may be overwhelmed by all the indicators on which you need to base your predictions. You may not be able to use all the indicators and you will be able to make a decision in time, so here are the top 5 technical indicators used by forex […]

Why do we pay more for petrol in the summer?

The barrel contains 159 liters (42 gallons) of oil, and the refinery can produce about 1.78-2.54 liters of gasoline from 3.8 liters of crude oil. One barrel of oil will also produce approximately 64 liters of other useful petroleum by-products such as plastic, propane and ammonia. Currently, 62% of readily available crude oil is located […]

Great oil return

Every week brings another series of headlines about heavy blows that will soon fall in the energy sector … “The Oil Collapse ‘Spiral Death” is coming soon … And … “Oil prices will never recover.” Obviously, we will all leave gas cars and trucks very soon because of Tesla’s cooks. A slow-growing America and an […]

Lessons from long-term capital management

Background Long Term Capital Management (LTCM) was a hedge fund founded in 1994 by John Meriwether, a very successful bond trader at Salomon Brothers. In Salomon, Meriwether was one of the first on Wall Street to employ top academics and professors. Meriwether founded a team of academics who applied models based on financial theories in […]

Inside Scoop on Forex

Forex, also known as the foreign exchange market, is a source of income for many people. But many people often wonder what Forex really is. Forex is a market for currency exchange, in other words, you can exchange US dollars for euros. It basically works the same as on the stock market and also comes […]

About commodity investment

Among the various types of investment, it is more lucrative for many traders and it is easier to invest money in commodities. If you want to invest your money in goods, the first thing to do is decide which goods to choose for investing money. The goods themselves are a broad term. It includes everything […]

5 Frequent abuse of P / E relationships

The price-to-earnings ratio (P / E) is the ratio most commonly used in an investment. A search for ‘P / E ratio’ on Google will return 2.3 million results. Simply put, the P / E ratio is the ratio of the share price divided by its earnings per share (EPS). If Company A trades at […]

What is Forex Technical Analysis?

In the Forex trading world, it is important to use a specific analysis system. Forex technical analysis is a system used to predict price movements for a given stock option. Most traders use it for a clearer understanding of investing based on its price history. Forex traders can therefore try to determine if they are […]

How to use the foundation in protection

Cash price – forward price = basis (at a certain moment) A producer’s decision about when and how to market their crops or livestock can have as much of an impact on their net lower profits as any production decision they can make throughout the year. Farmers today have more marketing alternatives than they used […]