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admin2 – Page 6 – How to Find Cryptocurrency Predictions?

Fundamentals of fundamental stock analysis

Definition of fundamental analysis Fundamental analysis is a method of stock valuation that uses financial and economic analysis to predict stock price movements. Background information analyzed may include company financial statements and non-financial information such as estimates of growth in demand for competitive products, industry comparisons, and changes across the economy. Fundamentalists General Strategy For […]

EA Forex Robots – Can You Trust Them?

You are a passionate investor, but you cannot invest continuously and make significant profits through Forex. You have decided to use a robot to automate currency trading. Can you trust the machine to handle your hard earned money? Why automate trading? Automated trading software, also called “expert advisors” or EA systems, are the most commonly […]

Advanced Bollinger range trading

Traders can use Bollinger band traders for a number of purposes and this is part of their appeal. Beginner traders can use them for simple trading methods or expert traders can use the data they provide to perform more complex market analyzes. One of the best uses of bands is to predict price breaks. Proper […]

Is it possible to invest in bitcoin?

Chances are good that you are reading this article after the latest rage of the jump in the value of Bitcoin, which loomed over $ 20,000. Now you are looking for reasons to invest in this cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Here are some reasons why you should: MORE TO COME The first thing many people […]

A simple overview of Forex candlesticks – How does this Forex technical analysis tool work?

Have you ever wondered how you can trade candlesticks in the Forex market? Japanese candlesticks are indeed a useful technical analysis tool often used to trade stocks and commodities. Professional traders have also used candlesticks to trade the Forex market, but their application on Forex charts may be a little different. For example, since the […]

Secrets of market forecasting for traders and investors

Market forecasting is the science and skill of determining in advance when the market is most likely to change direction and may also include the probability of the duration of the expected move. Market analysis consists of taking data on current prices and applying technical analysis and / or fundamental analysis to determine what the […]