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Can options trading turn you into a millionaire?

Can options trading turn you into a millionaire? This is one of the questions I constantly hear from people who trade options and in my opinion it is not easy to answer. Of course, options trading can create millionaires, and many, including me, have made more than a million options trading. However, can trading options […]

Obama and gold

Investors in gold are unusual creatures. Cagey, awake, a little suspicious, always has a foot in the door no matter how good the room looks. If not real history buffs, they firmly understand what happened in our economic past … and that’s why they have a pretty good idea of ​​what’s going to happen in […]

Mining Investors’ Secret Weapons, National Instrument 43-101

National Instrument 43-101 (known by industry experts as NI 43-101) is a protocol for the Canadian classification of mineral resources that applies to all domestic and foreign mining corporations that are listed on the Canadian Mineral Stock Exchange, the world’s largest stock exchange in Toronto. The Canadian Securities and Exchange Commission (CSA) controls NI 43-101 […]

Another discovery by Sir Issac Newton

Most children learn the story of Sir Issac Newton sitting under an apple tree and being hit in the head by an apple, and how a falling apple prompted him to discover gravity. What the children were not told, however, was that the same event prompted another Newton invention. Gravity is a force that describes […]

What are binary options trading?

Binary options trading is a very exciting potentially high risk, a form of reward trading. One of the attractions of binary options trading is that in the time it takes most contract options to expire, usually one hour, you can achieve a significant return on investment. Exciting for some, but for others it can be […]